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Toptracer Technology Comes to Game On Golf Center


The ability to follow the ball in real time on the screen has revolutionized TV golf broadcasts. Now, you can use the exact same technology to follow your ball at Game On Golf Center in White Plains. Toptracer Range has been installed on ten hitting stalls at the recently-renovated range, enabling you to not only track your ball in flight but to compile statistics on your performance to fuel game improvement.

Wonder what would happen if you flattened your swing plane a bit? Try it and see — instantly — how much the trajectory and curve of your shot changes.  Want to measure the performance of two different drivers?  It’s easy with Toptracer, which will give you carry and roll stats along with ball speed, launch angle, peak height, and more.  It’s info you can really use.  It’s easy, too, since all you do is push the start button on the screen at your hitting stall and start swinging.

For the full effect, download the free Toptracer app. That allows you to “play” multiple courses in simulator fashion — only you hit full shots onto the range, not into a screen. The app also lets you compete with friends in a points game similar to the famous Top Golf experience, for longest drive, and for closest to the pin. The app also allows you to store your swing-by-swing stats so you can measure your game over time.

Best of all, right now Toptracer is free with the purchase of a large bucket of balls at Game On Golf Center. This limited-time introductory offer won’t last forever, though, so now’s the time to try it out.