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The Top 2018 Golf Gear and Gizmos



Shot Scope V2

It’s billed as the ultimate golf watch, and the claim may be true. The Shot Scope provides both dynamic yardages (varying with your angle to the green) and no-tap, no-phone performance tracking, to give you astounding insights into all aspects of your game. $250


Ernest Sports ES 14 Launch Monitor

Dustin Johnson takes his own personal launch monitor to the range. Shouldn’t you? You can, with the easy-to-use ES 14. Weighing less than two pounds, the ES 14 provides instant audible feedback and measures pretty much everything you need to know to improve your performance including club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate, and distance. $595


TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter

TaylorMade has teamed up with Blast Motion to introduce the Spider Interactive putter, which houses a sensor within its grip to provide real-time stroke analytics that help you fine tune the most important stroke in the game. Every putt you hit will be measured eleven different ways, all fed to your smart phone using the free app. $400


Nikon Coolshot 80VR

Whether it’s from adrenaline, caffeine, or that extra Bloody Mary, shake and failure to lock in on the target is the biggest problem with laser range finders. Nikon’s newest, the Coolshot 80VR, uses optical stabilization technology derived from the company’s premium cameras to overcome the shakes while providing measurements accurate to within 18 inches. $300


Arccos Caddie

A caddie’s real value is helping you choose which club to hit. The Arccos Caddie is a subscription service built around its Arccos 360 system, which provides an optimal strategy for every hole based on your past performance and data on nearly 100 million shots and 418 million mapping data points on 40,000+ courses. $50 annually


Supercharged Sun Mountain Golf Bag

Put some extra power in your game with the Supercharged C-130 cart bag, which features two USB ports and a portable power pack capable of recharging a mobile phone or other device three times. There is also a Supercharged 4.5 carry bag. Both are available in black, navy/white/red/ and desert camo. $280


OnCore Genius Ball

The first golf ball with a brain is coming this summer, according to OnCore, which has developed the Genius ball. The ball will have a GPS chip to track its flight while measuring spin rate, speed off the tee, distance and carry, height apex, and more on your phone. Price to be determined.


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