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How To Mix Cigars And Golf


“Cigars and golf go really well together,” according to Kyla Jones, the official Macanudo golf professional. “You need time to smoke a cigar, and you can enjoy one on the golf course without it being rushed. A cigar will last me seven or eight holes.”

How popular is cigar smoking on the golf course? 

“The Macanudo café cigar is the number one selling cigar in America and it predominantly retails to golfers,” Kyla says.  

During a recent round together at Metropolis CC, I asked her for some tips on cigars and golf:

• Watch where the wind is going so the smoke from the cigar or your exhale don’t blow in anyone’s face.

• Never ash on a green or tee box.  You can usually do it in the rough or the tree line, or someplace where it’s not going to be obtrusive.

• Obviously, dispose of your cigar butt appropriately—and that doesn’t mean in a sand trap.

• Never put your cigar down on the ground. There might be fertilizer or other chemicals there.

• If you’re riding a cart, you can find a place to put your cigar while you’re swinging.  They also make little cigar stands, like a tee, that work well.

Then the question we all really want to know: How do you swing with a cigar in your mouth?

“You need to hold the cigar in your mouth pointing directly at the golf ball.  You also want to hold your breath while you swing,” she says with a laugh. “It’s a terrible thing to inhale while you’re taking a swing.”


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