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Driving Straight


You’ll get more distance off the tee when your ball lands in the short grass, advises Willow Ridge Country Club head pro John Reeves. “The direction your club face travels is more important than how hard you swing,” he says. “The club face has to be square to your target when it makes contact with the ball.”

Reeves recommends a simple tool you can use to improve your driving:

1Lay a pair of fiberglass sticks or even a couple of club shafts on the ground, aimed along your target line.


2Take your stance, then visualize your club moving along that line.


3Start with slow half-swings, gradually increasing to full swings while you concentrate on squaring the club face through the hitting zone.


“There are a lot of factors with any individual that affect their swing path,” Reeves explains, “but if the club face hits the ball square, it will fly where you want it to go.”

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