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4 Exercises to Help Maintain Your Golf Equilibrium


Kevin Esperanca, a TPI-certified fitness trainer at Life Time Athletic Westchester, has four exercises to help you maintain your golf equilibrium.


For all exercises:

• Warm up first and start slowly.
• Be sure to consult a physician before beginning any workout routine.


The Single-Leg Dead Lift

Single-Leg Dead Lifts build flexibility and strength in your hamstrings, glutes, knees, and hips to contribute to better overall balance. Esperanca says, “Keep your torso straight and pull your leg back as close to parallel to the ground as you can.” Hold for three seconds to start, then increase as you build strength.


The Dead Bug

The Dead Bug creates core stability and flexibility throughout a range of motion. “Keep your lower back firm and flat on the floor,” Esperanca says, “Alternate movement of your arms and legs and stretch as far as comfortable.”


The One-Arm Pivot Press

The One-Arm Pivot Press improves torso rotation while keeping your hips stable. “Take a posture like setting up for a five iron,” Esperanca says, “then alternate thrusts with one arm against the band to isolate each side of your body.”


The Step-Back Twist

The Step-Back Twist is great for building strength in your quads while increasing stability in your hips. Esperanca explains, “Step back, kneel, then twist. Keep your knee upright and head facing forward.”



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