Offers Comprehensive Company Profiles for Job-Seekers

So you’ve been offered a new job, and everything about it sounds great. Is it? Check before you give notice at your current one. was founded in 2007 by a pair of web industry vets from Microsoft and All of its content—including details on salaries, morale, culture, and even interview questions asked of prospective hires—is posted anonymously by employees and job seekers. Think TripAdvisor or Yelp for employment And just as TripAdvisor offers a “management response” option, invites businesses to post their own company profiles and details.

The top-rated employer headquartered in Westchester? Armonk-based IBM, with an average 3.8 rating (out of a possible 5) from Westchester employees. In second place was Dannon, with a 3.5 average rating; its CEO, Gustavo Valle, snagged an impressive 71 percent approval rating from posters (IBM’s new CEO, Virginia Rometty, was not yet rated).

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At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Journal News parent company Gannett, with an average 2.0 rating. One staffer posted, “Cliquish management. High turnover. No feedback, and often whimsical goals to meet.”