Get Happy—National Grilled Cheese Day is Here!


Other than perhaps apple pie or mashed potatoes, there’s nary a more psyche-soothing comfort food than grilled cheese. A Kraft Single slapped on white bread and heated in the toaster oven may have sufficed when you were six, but taste buds mature as you age and you desire something more adult. Considering April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day, it is an opportune time to try the mozz and cheddar grilled cheese on flatbread at Melt in White Plains—pretty killer. Or one of six grilled cheese offerings at Yorktown-based food truck Road Hog that just opened for the season April 3 including the Fat Boy with pulled pork, pork belly, and three cheeses as well as a lobster grilled cheese. Say hi to Road Hogs Gene and Jacqueline Mastro and tell them I sent you.