Get Glowing Skin With This Indie Lee Easy At-Home Pumpkin Mask

We love South Salem-based beauty pro Indie Lee’s chic, eco-friendly skincare brand almost as much as the skin-saving products and natural ingredients it stars. The South Salem resident shares a festive Glowing Pumpkin Face Mask on her blog this month—and it’s a DIY you can handle, we swear: Pick up a can of organic pumpkin purée, check the kitchen for honey and Greek yogurt, and you’ve already got more than half of the five ingredients.

Why pumpkin? Your kids’ Halloween carving block is rich in skin-soothing and softening Vitamin A; Vitamin C, a known antioxidant that helps repair damage from free radicals; and enzymes that help dissolve dry skin cells for a brighter, clearer complexion. The best part—you can prep, apply, and rinse the whole thing off in under an hour. Get the full recipe for Indie Lee’s Glowing Pumpkin Face Mask here.