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Fresh From Westchester's Farmers' Markets: From A To Z(ucchini)


It’s summer again, and that means farmers’ markets are back in full swing. All summer long we’ll be hooking you up with tips on what’s in season with advice from local farmer John Ubaldo of John Boys Farm and Bedford’s The Outpost.


If you’ve never cooked your own beets, get some now. They’re easy to cook and their sweetness pairs well with goat or blue cheese.

What to look for: It’s all about vibrant color: dark, blood red beets and beautiful greens that aren’t wilted.

Farmer’s tip: Remove the greens and use right away. Beets can be used right away or will keep well in the fridge.


Every summer, it seems like there’s an overabundance of zucchinis. Luckily, the squash is super versatile—you can sauté, bake, fry, or roast it. It even works as a gluten-free substitute for pasta.

What to look for: Zucchinis that are firm, bright, shiny, and unblemished. The skin should feel almost tacky.

Farmer’s tip: Size matters—to an extent. Small zucchinis are easier to work with and have less seed. Bigger zucchini are perfect for stuffing.

Garlic Scapes

These curly stalks grow from garlic bulbs and have a mild flavor that resembles scallions or chives with an unmistakable garlicky punch. Less assertive than garlic, they’re delicious raw or cooked.

What to look for: Super curly, wiry, scapes that are bright green.

Farmer’s tip: Garlic scape pesto! Or, try them in a sauté in place of garlic.

What to make with them: Chef Eric Gabrynowicz of Restaurant North uses garlic scapes to make a wicked cream sauce paired with poached cod

Black Raspberries

No, they’re not blackberries. Black raspberries have an intense berry flavor that’s sweeter than a blackberry and more on par with the taste of their red counterparts.

What to look for: Dark, shiny berries.

Farmer’s tip: Enjoy them tonight; black raspberries won’t last.


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