Fordham University Has Cranked Out County Executives For More Than 40 Years

Regardless of their political stripe, Westchester County executives tend to have one thing in common: a degree from Fordham University. In January, our new county executive, George Latimer, became the fifth-consecutive Fordham alum (and ninth overall) to hold the position — a streak that dates back to 1974 (which happens to be Latimer’s graduating class).

“It is not surprising that Fordham University has produced so many successful political candidates,” says Ron Jacobson, PhD, associate vice president of Fordham Westchester. “As a Jesuit university serving New York City and Westchester, Fordham values both research and a real-world education.” Other NY politicians with Fordham pedigrees include Governor Andrew Cuomo and longtime US Congressman Jerrold Nadler.

Key: Law=School of Law; FCRH=Fordham College at Rose Hill; UGE=Undergraduate School of Education

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