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Flip Through Our Favorite Westchester Magazine Covers From the Last 20 Years


Many in publishing say the most difficult feat to pull off consistently is nailing the cover: It requires not only eye-catching imagery and vibrant, evocative aesthetics but also pithy cover lines that together pique reader interest.

For our inaugural edition of the 20 Years department (which gears up to our 20th anniversary issue, in January 2021!), we thought we’d showcase some of our most popular covers over the past two decades. (If you loyal WM readers have your own favorites, we’d love to know at edit@westchestermagazine.com.)


November 2002

September 2005

February 2006

August 2007

June 2010

September 2011

October 2013

September 2014

April 2015

May 2016

August 2017

July 2018