Robert Pos/Wikimedia Commons

Largemouth Bass

Length: 9-24”
Aliases: wide-mouth bass, Florida bass, black bass, bigmouth bass, bucket-mouth bass, green bass, green trout, southern largemouth, and northern largemouth
Diet: omnivorous (small fish, like perch, sunfish, and minnows, but also crayfish, insects, frogs, and even small aquatic birds)
Clutch Size: 2,000-40,000 eggs
Did You Know: Bass have no eyelids and thus avoid sunlight.


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Chain Pickerel

Length: 15-26”
Aliases: federation pike, southern pike, and grass pike 
Diet: carnivorous (smaller fish, frogs, crayfish, and even mice)
Clutch Size: several hundred eggs
Did You Know: A freshwater barracuda, this crafty predator is named for its markings,
which appear in a chainlike pattern of black lines that cover the golden to yellowish/greenish sides.


Northern Snakehead

Rare find!
Length: 12-36”
Aliases: amur snakehead, eastern snakehead, ocellated snakehead, Frankenfish
Diet: carnivorous (95% other fish; occasionally eats crustaceans, frogs, small reptiles, and small birds and mammals)
Clutch Size: 40,000 or more eggs
Did You Know: Its ability to survive out of water for several days if the skin remains moist has earned it the nickname Frankenfish.