Find Simplistic, Handmade Body Products at This New Pleasantville Boutique

A new boutique aims to capture the essence of nature in Japan and life’s simple pleasures.

Located on Marble Avenue in Pleasantville, te plus te provides a respite from life’s stresses — offering that sought-after connection to simplicity. Founder Eiko Miyazaki, who has a background in the textiles industry, curates the new boutique’s products — meant to capture the essence of nature in her native Japan and to encourage shoppers to find beauty in life’s simple pleasures.

Founded in 2018, te plus te (Japanese for “hand+hand”) offers handmade body products, infused with Hinoki essential oil, including a goat’s-milk cleansing bar and Himalayan bath soak. Japanese organic tea, Hinoki wood boxes and cutlery, ceramic pieces, bags, scarves, and local artists’ drawings are also available.