European Wax Center in Rye Brook and Yonkers

Spring’s been a wacky one, temps plummeting one day, forcing us back into out-of-season wools and fleeces, and shooting past sweltering by the end of the week. Even if summer doesn’t officially start ’til later this month, the recent stretch of windows-open weather has us hopeful…if a bit exposed by the switch to sundresses and sandals. (And no, we don’t think it’s too early for either.)

If you, too, got a little wax-lax under all those gray sweaters and nubby tights, there’s a still-new place in town (two, actually), dedicated solely to, uh, de-patching you right up. European Wax Center in Rye Brook’s Rye Ridge Shopping Center and on Central Avenue in Yonkers is a newbie-friendly spot where the specialists know their stuff, but are more likely to make you laugh than blush.

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As attentive and hygienic as boutique places (but with a soundtrack that’s more nightclub than waiting room), the attitude here is “waxing for all”: first-time man-scapers and value-loving vets included. So go ahead and relax; they’ve done this before.      

Check out their exclusively developed (affordable) line of before- and after-care products and can’t-beat specials, including long-term packages, referral rewards, and student discounts. New guests even get a free wax: brow, underarm, or bikini for ladies; ear, nose, or brow for guys.  

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