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Discover Westchester’s 2022 Private and Public High School Rankings


All the data you need to know about Westchester County’s public and private schools, including SAT scores, class sizes, and more.

Methodology: Data was collected on the high schools from the towns listed in the table provided. Most of the data was collected from the New York State Department of Education website, U.S. News & World Report, or directly from the high school. In instances where data values were not available or applicable, we used the weighted average of that school’s scores from the categories for which we did have data. Thus, it would neither help nor hurt their ranking. This occurred with only a small number of values.

Once the data was collected and cleansed, we compared each high school’s data points to the overall average for all of the schools. We then applied a percentage weight to the standardized value for each school to create an aggregate “score” for each school. Then, the high schools were ranked based on that statistical score.

Only the data in columns denoted with a ✏ were factored into the rankings. Notes for selected categories.

Average Class Size: We used the most recent data available from the NYDOE website and considered it more desirable to have a smaller class size than larger.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio: We considered it more desirable to have a lower ratio than higher.

Student-to-Counselor Ratio: This data was taken from the NYSED website in all cases except Irvington High School, which provided the data directly to us. We considered it more desirable to have a lower ratio than higher.

Student-to-AP/IB Courses Ratio: This was based on the enrollment and the total number of AP/IB courses listed in our table. We considered it more desirable to have a lower ratio than higher.

About Our Rankings Expert:

George Recck is director of the Math Resource Center and a member of the Math & Science division at Babson College. He has extensive experience in information technology and statistical education and is the founder of Total Information Inc., a consulting firm that provides a range of information services to small businesses. He recently finished serving a two-year term as the chair of the Business Analytics/Statistics Education special-interest group of the American Statistical Association.

Public High Schools

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Private High Schools

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Private High Schools: By the Numbers

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