Eastchester's Bobby Moynihan: SNL MVP

Last year, Saturday Night Live had a bit of a shake-up when two of its most prominent cast members—Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg (who did the Digital Shorts)—announced they wouldn’t be returning this season. That’s led to much speculation: Who will be the next breakout star?

While Vulture predicts the mantle will be handed to the Robyn-spoofing Taran Killam, I think the answer can be found closer to home: Bobby Moynihan, who grew up in Eastchester (and recently told us about the Sesame Street-inspired suit he wore to his prom).

Moynihan started as a cast member in 2008, and has since amassed a repertoire of impressions, from Guy Fieri to Snooki. But, even better than his impressions is his willingness to just do something silly, even if it means dressing up in a leotard and doing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” dance with Justin Timberlake.  

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More proof: This past weekend, on Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere, he starred in a Lids-set parody of that “Gangnam Style” video that’s been sweeping YouTube (if you’re puzzled about the source material, you can find an English translation in The Atlantic of all places, and a guide to the guest stars in Rolling Stone).

Really makes you wish that they’d let him dance like the Kia gerbils—something he says he’s pitched multiple times—doesn’t it?