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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Support for “Supreme Court Justice Jeanine Pirro”


Following the conclusion of their current term this week, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his pending retirement, effective the end of July. As pundits, commentators, and seemingly the whole collective Internet erupted into speculation regarding the potential shift in party line decisions, Donald Trump Jr. found a suggestion he rather liked.

Forbes contributor Josh Jordan tweeted the following — sarcastically by his own admission:


Less than half an hour later, Trump Jr. retweeted the idea, declaring that it would be “awesome,” and setting off a flurry of retweets and comments, both for and against the appointment of a FOX News personality to the highest judicial office in the nation.

Pirro, a Harrison resident, was the first woman elected to be a Westchester County Court judge, and later the first woman to be elected county District Attorney in 1994. After leaving public office she hosted Judge Jeanine Pirro on The CW from 2008 until 2011, and Justice with Judge Jeanine on the FOX News Channel since that same year. And ardent supporter and later defender of both Trump Senior and his administration, Politico reports that Pirro has expressed interest in accepting a political appointment — though chiefly she appears to have been eying Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ post up until now. The President himself has yet to weigh in on the commentary.


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