Disinfect Your Home of COVID-19 With This Buchanan-Based Pest Control Business

Photo courtesy of JPMcHale

Whether it’s been ticks, bed bugs, or even local fauna that just wandered a little too far into human territory, local pest control service JP McHale Pest Management has been getting rid of Westchester’s more incursive species for half a century. Now, as concerns turn to more immediate threats, the company has begun offering a new package, ViroClean Disinfecting Service, specifically designed to kill coronavirus.

The treatment includes wiping down hard surfaces in heavily trafficked areas and “bio-fogging” rooms with Nisus DSV (“Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide”), an EPA-approved sanitizer determined to be effective against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that caused COVID-19. Workers and homeowners can even return to their space in as little as one hour after treatment.

“Most business owners and organization leaders are looking for additional ways to protect their teams and ease concerns as they plan for the future of their business and the safety of their employees,” says JP McHale President Jim McHale. “We are now navigating through work situations that are very new to us — whether it’s setting up a home office or continued onsite operations with reduced staff, or halting operations altogether.”

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The service isn’t just limited to customers’ homes. “If you have an office or any other commercial space, facility or retail/restaurant environment, we’re here to help,” McHale adds.