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Dick Wechsler: Giving More Than Lip Service To Work-Life Balance


People are always challenged to balance family and work. In reality, they shouldn’t have to choose between the two,” says Dick Wechsler, CEO of Lockard & Wechsler Direct.

Those words are music to the ears of any working parent—and that philosophy drives the Irvington direct marketing agency’s impressive roster of family-friendly policies, including paternity leave (two weeks), generous maternity leave (six weeks paid, six weeks unpaid), and the ability for new mothers to work from home two days a week for the child’s first year and one day a week for the next four years. 

Wechsler also believes his employees “deserve to see their kids graduate from preschool, kindergarten, et cetera, and see every Little League game or dance recital.” Giving precedence to work-life balance pays dividends, he says: “By embracing the importance of family and integrating it into the workplace, we’re able to retain top talent, nurture our experience, and continuously become a better company.”


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