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Delight Your Best Buds on 4/20 With This Westchester Cannabis Gift Guide


Welcome to what might be casually known as ‘The Busiest Wendy’s Drive-thru Day of the Year.”

Cannabis, from hemp to marijuana, has been steadily growing in popularity in Westchester for several years. Where once seedy gas stations might sell glass “tobacco” pipes, Westchester is now home to a growing number of medical marijuana patients and wellness shops offering CBD-infused products … even underground cannabis dinners! Heck, even our D.A. has decided that prosecuting most low-level marijuana possession case just isn’t worth the county’s time.

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In celebration of 4/20, we thought now would be a good time to round up some of the most popular cannabis products and accessories you can snag in Westchester.


Where to Buy

Many Westchester smoke shops have jumped on the vaping bandwagon, and that means “digital” smoking products with readily swappable cartridges have become far more commonplace. At the same time, as the public perception of medical and recreational marijuana has changed, so too has the availability of higher-end smoking paraphernalia. Cortlandt Vape & Smoke, DT Vapor and Cigar and White Plains Vapors are three local shops in the former category, dealing chiefly in personal vaporizers and their liquid cartridges. All have friendly and courteous staff that are willing to take the time to chat and educate, whether you’re an abject newbie or a seasoned vet.



We have great CBD pet treats from @upstateelevatorsupplyco #anxiousdoodles #cbd #plantmedicine

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One the other end of the (full) spectrum, CBD products — those derived from hemp, entirely non-psychoactive, and perfectly legal — are popping up more and more in local wellness boutiques. JO’s Body Shop, a Peekskill-based massage and therapy center, recently began offering such supplies, which are reported to greatly ease symptoms of inflammation and ache in addition to their calming effects. The Pharm Stand in Armonk also recently opened, offering a wide range of CBD products (plus some non-CBD ones) specifically designed for humans, yes, but also cats, dogs, and even horses! Owned in part by Jayni Chase (you might have bumped into her husband, Chevy), the shop already has the Martha Stewart seal of approval.

Katonah resident Martha Stewart is herself getting into the cannabis game, teaming up with her Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party cohost Snoop Dog and Canopy Growth to develop a line of cannabis products for both humans and animals.

Even in the digital age, you can still shop local. Hudson Valley CBD is a new company based right here in Westchester that offers CBD-infused tinctures, lotions and salves, lip balm, and more, depending on your needs. Speaking of…



Our 4-20 Wish List

Westchester Magazine is well known for our roundups of luxurious homes, decadent foods, and high-end product guides. When it comes to cannabis consumption, we see no reason why our readers would be any less discerning in their tastes. To that end — and in the spirit of the holiday — here are the goodies topping our 4/20 wish list.


For Rest and Recovery


Throwback to warmer weather, but don’t forget CBD is a vacation in a bottle. #hvcbd #cbd

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After a stressful week and a long bout at the gym, your body and mind need some time to recuperate. Hudson Valley CBD’s line of tinctures and creams is a double-whammy to that end: Their Triple Relief Pain Salve ($54.99) packs 250mg of pure CBD into a 2oz jar. Use it for bone, joint, or muscle pain whether it be injury, chronic wear, or just daily aches and pains, and is a great way to stimulate muscles post-workout to get the most out of your recovery period. 

HVCBD’s 500mg Lemon Tincture ($64.99) is an easy and delicious way to get your daily CBD dose, taken orally on its own or mixing it into your diet. There’s also simple vitamin-like capsules if you’re iffy on the various flavor options, and while it’s not currently in stock the pure CBD isolate powder we got to try was a quick and easy way to wind down after a long week.


Photo by Dave Zucker

Speaking of ways to unwind, we also got to try out some CBD bath bombs courtesy of Life Elements. Yes, bath bombs. With CBD. If you’ve ever thought a night in the bath with a glass of wine couldn’t get better, we’re here to (gently) tell you that you were wrong. These bath bombs dissolve quickly and smell fantastic, they just also happen to contain between 50 and 200mg of CBD depending on which strength you prefer. And men, don’t get weird on us now. Life Elements has even made a special “Men’s Bath Bomb” in the 200mg range just for us, with soothing notes of cedar and pine. Bath bombs range from $14 to $20, but frequent bombers will enjoy the company’s subscribe & save option with a 10% discount.


For the Canna-curious Foodie

If your last foray into edibles was a “magic” pre-concert brownie sometime back in college, you’re in for a real treat. The acceptance of cannabis use in the mainstream has led to some pretty amazing advances in the culinary arts.

CBD, while not technically water soluble, can like the gram you bought to make canna-butter back in 2004, be dissolved and incorporated into various oils, fats, and more. (With a little science-y finessing you can even get it to play nice with water now!) One of the easiest and most delicious ways to get your daily dose would be the same way you get your kids to take their vitamins: gummies! These Lord Jones gumdrops and chews each contain 20mg of CBD, and are available at The Pharm Stand with an MSRP between $30 and $60 depending on variety.


For an even simpler way to incorporate cannabis into your diet, consider cooking with it the way you would any other herb. You might be familiar the arduous process of cooking cannabis to extract it’s activated oils, then infusing that into butter or other foodstuffs to cook with — all in all a very time consuming and wasteful process, and certainly not an everyday activity. A much more efficient option is a kitchen decarboxylator, which is about as futuristic as it sounds. A NOVA Decarboxylator ($210) from Ardent is essentially a ‘set it and forget it’ countertop appliance that uses a combination of perfectly balanced heat and time to activate the CBD and THC in cannabis, allowing you to simply sprinkle it on whatever you’re eating. It’s safe, small, easy to use, and almost entirely free of cleanup. The company even sells sleeves and kits to help you create infusions like olive oil, caramels, or even all-purpose coconut oil!


For the #VapeLife Aficionado

Should you still prefer vaping to oral or topical application, the Da Vinci IQ ($274.99) might be the smartest vape on the market. The device weighs just 5oz. and takes up less than 5.5 cubic inches (and it’s not even their smallest model), but packs smart controls and a removable 1.5-hour Li-ion battery into that space. The IQ lets users select between preset and manual modes, 4 temperature settings, and 180 degree variation in precise temperature control, all of which can be managed through Bluetooth app integration. Right now for 4-20 you can snag one with a 10-year warranty and a free rapid battery charger.


A little less mobile, the Volcano Digit ($599) is the Ferrari of tabletop vaporizers. With a digital push-button display, the granddaddy of all vapes is sleek and stylish German craftsmanship at its finest, but with ease of operation. Do you need to spend $600 on a coffee table centerpiece? Of course not. But do you need dry-aged steak? Fine art? Lamborghinis? This is a wish list, after all, and if now isn’t the time to dream of the finer things in #VapeLife we don’t know when is.