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Check Out ‘Danni,’ the Award-Winning Short Film Made In Yonkers


Written and starring Jeana Reilly and directed by Peter Jensen, Danni is described as an exploration of relationship addiction and the process of attempting to become “clean” again.

Though only 24 minutes long, the short is making considerable waves on the film festival circuit. It’s already won two awards for Best Short and garnered three nominations — two Best Actress for Reilly herself and one for cinematographer Sainte Howard. The Yonkers Film Festival (“YoFiFest” to the cool kids) will be Danni’s twentieth festival.

“YoFi,” Reilly says, “will probably be the last festival for Danni — so to screen in my hometown lastly, it really comes full circle in such a meaningful way.”

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Reilly, who grew up in the Bronx, has been a Yonkers resident for the last fifteen years. Being a local, her film is screening as part of YoFiFest’s “Done In Yonkers” series for homegrown “DIY” projects.

When Reilly began scouting for locations, she didn’t have to look to far afield. “I wanted a trailer-style diner, small town feel. My sister lived in Brewster and I remember being 15 years old and Bob’s Diner … couldn’t believe it was still there and hadn’t changed at all! The owner, Tom, was a doll to us.”

You can check out the trailer for this local gem below, and catch it as part of YoFiFest’s DIY block starting at 7 p.m. on Monday, November 6. Tickets are $10, or are included with any multi-day or commuter passes.

YoFi Digital Media Art Center
66 Main Street, Yonkers