Cheap Thrills

When my friend Dana first introduced me to the art of nail buffing a few years back, she gave me fabulous buffing block she had purchased in her native California, name brand unknown. I used it religiously…until my dog ate it. Since then, I’ve been making do with a series of unsatisfactory buffers.

What’s a girl to do? Ask the nail experts at Kiss, the makers of the oh-so-easy press-on French manicure nails that I wrote about last in the May 2009 issue of Westchester Magazine. They sent me a batch of files and I’m happy to report that I finally found a replacement that works. The Kiss 4-Way Ultra Shiner ($1.19 at Target, CVS, and other stores) does it all: shaping, smoothing, finishing, and shining. I love that each portion of the four-sided board is numbered (steps one through four) so I don’t accidentally do the shining before the final buff (heaven forbid!). Once again, I have that just-manicured look without the hassle of polish.