Can a House Be Sexy? Sure. And This One Fits the Description

It’s not only gorgeous – especially to those whose blood runs hot when it comes to modern architecture – but in addition to having a beautifulface and great bod, it also has a history.

First the basics: a Bedford P.O.; 20 very private acres; 13,000 square feet; a grand entrance with a reflecting pool; 15 rooms (five bedrooms) inside, including a cantilevered living room; an indoor lap pool; radiant heat; and solar panels. And if you think this house is just a pretty face, think again. It’s smart, too, with an automation system that allows the owner to remotely set the temperature, music, lighting, security, and more.

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As for the history, “she” has had a series of lovers who fell by the wayside, unable financially to see the project through to completion. Now, after several aborted attempts, a new contractor and Manhattan architect Giles Depardon of Ogawa & Depardon have put the finishing touches on the pretty lady at 161 Hickory Kingdom Road. The house is for sale at $9.5 million; Joanna Rizoulis and Amy Smith of Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Realty in Chappaqua are the listing agents.

But that’s not the only sexy modern house on the market right now. At 13 Frog Rock in Armonk, John Sullivan, a White Plains architect, has designed a four-level, 6,800-square-foot home on four acres. Built into the rocky terrain, it offers four bedrooms, three fireplaces, an outdoor kitchen, and water views. Cool and elegant, it’s for sale at $7.9 million. Smith and Rizoulis, who has the listing on this one, too, can be reached at (917) 359-7885.