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Westchester CEOs' Favorite Business Apps


Remember what it was like to carry a Rolodex, shopping lists, and GPS separately and have to be sitting at a desk to check email? Neither do we. Here, six executives give us the inside scoop on today’s most useful business apps.

“I use a new AIM app. It’s very handy; AIM is not obsolete yet.”
—Rick Berlin, President, Berlin Productions, Inc., White Plains

“My top business app of 2011, RingCentral, tracks and forwards all of my business calls to my cellphone and sends me a text message and an email when anyone calls or leaves a message on my business line. It also allows me to immediately listen to my business messages without having to dial back to the office. For someone who is as mobile as I am, it is indispensable.”
—Michelle Lee Beltrano, Principal, Hedgestone Consulting Group, LLC, White Plains

“Documents To Go provides my smart phone with the capability to write and read documents. I use a portable, fold-out Bluetooth keyboard and am able to go through my daily business life outside the office without a laptop.”
—R. Bonnie Haber, President, Corporate Calm LLC,

“I like Ignition. You can remotely control Macs and PCs and transfer files between devices or computers through the web. You can even take control of clients’ computers!”
—Marc Jaffe, Owner/“Chief Technology Tamer,”
The Taming Café

“HootSuite allows me to manage all of my social platforms on one screen at a quick glance.”
—Mario S. Mirabella, Jr., Owner/Creative Director, MSM DesignZ, Inc., Tarrytown