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By the Numbers: A Look at Telehealth in Westchester


The county’s virtual healthcare footprint grew exponentially during the pandemic. Here’s a numerical glimpse at how our local providers stepped up to meet the demand.

White Plains Hospital (WPH)

25,000: number of “tele-visits” conducted by WPH between the end of March and the end of June 2020

250: number of clinicians delivering virtual care via WPH’s Virtual Connect system

<10: number of days required to retrain clinicians to deliver virtual care to patients, including consultations and follow-ups


300: percent increase in use of telehealth within the past five years (prior to the pandemic)

5,500: square footage of WMCHealth’s eHealth operations center

20: number of multimedia stations equipped with the latest telehealth tech and software

$7,000,000: WMCHealth’s initial investment in its eHealth program

CareMount Medical

6: average daily telehealth visits prior to pandemic

1,500: average daily telehealth visits at the height of the pandemic

40: size of staff required to run Caremount’s Virtual Assistance Center day and night

Montefiore Health System (includes WPH and New Rochelle Hospital)

>10,000%: increase in monthly telehealth use pre-COVID vs. peak COVID

2,032: the number of providers trained to conduct telehealth visits

>$1,000,000: technology costs to enhance telehealth capabilities during the pandemic surge

Westmed Medical Group

200: number of Westmed providers rendering virtual care to patients at the height of the pandemic

14: number of days to evaluate, pilot, train providers, and deploy its Virtual Visit program

20-50: average number of virtual visits per month prior to the U.S. outbreak of COVID-19

15,000: current monthly average of virtual visits (as of Sept)