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Prescription Delivery Service Capsule Expands Into Westchester

Photos courtesy of Capsule

Those with underlying conditions are among the most at-risk during the COVID-19 crisis. So it’s no small cause for anxiety when those of us in Westchester have to leave our homes and venture to the local pharmacy to pick up vitally needed prescriptions. Luckily, one major New York City company is solving this problem by expanding their services into Westchester.


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Just launched at the end of April, Capsule’s Westchester service is poised to help thousands of local residents.

“We founded Capsule five years ago to make getting medications easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before,” says CEO Eric Kinariwala. Though the brand was already planning an expansion into Westchester County, it says the move was accelerated to help residents whose pharmacy routines have been hard hit by the current pandemic.

“Capsule now offers the entire Westchester community the ability to have their medications delivered right to their doorstep — giving them the peace of mind they will have the essentials without having to leave their house during this challenging time,” Kinariwala says.

Capsule’s app allows filing, managing, and even transferring of prescriptions right from a mobile device, and promises the sign-up process can be done in as little as 15 seconds, with a scheduled delivery able to be made in just three clicks.


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The service bills itself as a testament to ease of use and efficiency: Medications are never out of stock, it accepts all insurance and never raises its copays, it works with your health provider to get the cheapest price and breaks this down before you pay, and helps you schedule same-day delivery straight to your home (or anywhere else you can pick up a package). Customers are even able to text or call Capsule’s pharmacists — actual humans, it promises; no chatbots — any time.

As an extra nod to COVID-19 protection, Capsule’s staff have plenty of wipes, sanitizer, gloves, and masks, and they provide the same to their delivery drivers, meaning you can be sure your medications arrive disinfected.