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How to Negotiate for a New Job in Westchester County

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Whether you’re hoping for a flex schedule or prefer to work primarily from home, this is how to effectively campaign for the terms of your next new job.

As the Great Resignation wears on, plenty of people are finding themselves in front of a hiring manager, negotiating for a new position. But what are the most effective techniques and strategies for landing that sweet new gig? To find out, we asked Ivette Molina, director of operations at the Business Council of Westchester.

How to Negotiate for a New Job

Photo by Drobot Dean/ Adobe Stock

What are some basic things one should campaign for when negotiating for a position at a new company?
There are a few basic things one can advocate when negotiating a new position, such as a flexible schedule, promotions, maternity/paternity leave, vacation time, and project placements.

Should people assume they can have hybrid work schedules when applying for jobs now?
Hybrid work arrangements are the newest “must-have” on many job-seekers’ lists, but it all depends on the industry you are applying for a job in. For example, the hybrid work schedule would not work in the hospitality industry. In other industries, it could work, and it’s something you can definitely advocate once you have been offered the job.

Negotiating a Better Job

Ivette Molina, Director of Operations, the Business Council of Westchester. Courtesy of BCW.

How does one ask for fewer in-office days, especially if the company tends to want people in the office?
Before you request fewer in-office days, it’s important to create a plan to propose. Do your research. It is important to understand the employer’s views and policies on working from home. For example, explain how a hybrid work schedule has enabled you to be more productive and successful in your career. Back up your accomplishments with data, so an employer can clearly see that you have a track record of being productive while working remotely.

What is a realistic amount of time one should expect to spend in an office per week?
Realistically, one should expect to spend at least two to three days in the office per week.

Is there a limit to how much bargaining one should do when applying for a new job?
It depends. If you are trying to bargain before receiving an offer, then yes. But after you have formally received an offer letter, then no. It is just very important you know exactly how much value you can offer an employer before you begin any bargaining.

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