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Marisa Rosenbaum, 29


“We help patients in need; that’s an amazing part of my job,” says Marisa Rosenbaum, 29, associate manager of corporate communications for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Rosenbaum’s job is translating Regeneron’s cutting-edge science into information easily understood by patients, investors, the media, the biotech firm’s 5,400 global employees, and the general public. She is also responsible for making sure information flows freely through the company internally, to maximize potential for innovation and discovery. Rosenbaum says that her not being a scientist is key, as it guarantees her communiqués will be user-friendly. A profound respect for Regeneron’s mission motivates her to represent the company effectively, she adds. When her boss recently took maternity leave, Rosenbaum — who started at Regeneron in February 2016 — took charge of some of the major responsibilities of the global communications office, proving her dedication. Rosenbaum handled “double the work” but learned so much, she feels she is now “a stronger asset to the communications team.” Even on her busiest day, Rosenbaum stays focused on end goals. “We often get notes from patients, thanking us,” she explains, “and that reaffirms how we are really changing lives.” 

Changing her own life is next up for Rosenbaum. The dedicated scientists at Regeneron have inspired Rosenbaum to “follow the science” in the field of nutrition, a longtime passion of hers. In June, she plans to start working toward becoming a registered dietician (and eventually obtain a master’s degree in clinical nutrition), in order to provide medical-nutrition therapy to patients with serious chronic diseases.

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