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Local College Prep Company Succeeds In Competitive Field


When Daniel Riseman first came up with the concept for his company, Riseman Educational Consulting LLC, he simply hoped to lend a helping hand to confused applicants. “[The company’s] genesis was to educate and navigate students and families through the college process while mitigating their stress,” says Riseman. “Over the years, applying to college has become extremely stressful.”

To make this process more manageable, Riseman’s company assists families in every aspect of the college and graduate school admissions process. (It’s a growing local marketplace: other companies we’ve profiled in this same space include Katonah native Anthony James Green’s Green Test Prep System, and Logic Prep/NY College Coaches, which is co-owned by 2015 914INC. Wunderkind Lindsay Tanne.) “We provide tutoring for all school subjects and standardized tests,” says Riseman. “We also help students and families apply to private secondary schools. We assist with every aspect of the college admissions process and keep in touch with students and families in case they need help transferring to another college.”

Daniel Riseman, Founder, Riseman Educational Consulting LLC

​Riseman feels the breadth of business connections Riseman Educational Consulting has developed makes its programs particularly unique. “What sets us apart is the network that we have developed through the past 16 years,” notes Riseman of his business. “Through this network, we are able to help many college grads acquire jobs at Fortune 500 companies.”

This extensive range of offerings has translated into a booming company. “Profits have grown considerably since my company started in 2000,” notes Riseman, who charges $200 for an hour for one-on-one sessions. Riseman believes this success is fueled by the abundance of college applicants to be found in Westchester and surrounding areas. “My clients extend throughout Westchester through Southern Connecticut,” remarks Riseman. “And I work closely with many public and private high schools.”

When STEM began to take on a stronger role in the college admissions process, Riseman actually returned to college to study physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science.  “I believe that it’s not fair for an educator to simply tell a student to take courses in a subject without that educator experiencing that subject firsthand,” he notes. “I’m proud to say that I am one of the only educators in the state who has passed every STEM New York State Teacher Certification Examination.”

Ahead, Riseman views homeschooling as the next frontier in educational consulting. “Homeschooling is beginning to build greater momentum in Westchester, with many elite athletes being homeschooled so they can participate in tournaments across the world,” says Riseman. “My company has evolved to assist these students and families with their homeschooling and ensure that these students remain attractive candidates to their top colleges.”


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