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Frances Bordoni


“I am the American dream,” says Frances Bordoni, senior VP, Ambulatory and Physician Services and Business Development at White Plains Hospital. Born in Montenegro, Bordoni came to the US at age 2 and started working at age 13 in a bakery to help the family pay for high school and college. Her parents taught her and her siblings: “You can do whatever you want here, if you work hard,” she says.

One of her top priorities since joining White Plains Hospital five years ago has been to recruit talent and expand the hospital’s reach. Bordoni has been a driving force behind the hospital’s rapid expansion into outpatient facilities; it now includes 23 practice locations across the county with 271 employed physicians and providers who record more than 350,000 visits annually. Emphasizing the public’s need to appreciate the circumstances in which modern doctors must work, Bordoni says, “People don’t always respect who [the doctors] are and what they have contributed. Understanding that has been critical in my success and our success.”      

Her humble roots very much intact, Bordoni is described as an approachable and warm mentor and leader. “I love what I do, and I believe that what WPH delivers to the county is really special,” she says.


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