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Give Your Home a High-Tech Clean With These Innovative Gadgets

Photos courtesy of listed companies

Whether you are trying to protect your home or make your office safer, these cutting-edge items are here to get you a cleaner workspace.

Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

$699; www.bakersprayers.com
If you are a business owner looking for a device that can help clean your entire office quickly and efficiently, consider this electrostatic sprayer. Providing solutions with an electrical charge that ensures even coverage, this is the device motels and movie theaters alike to turn to when they need a clean space.

A.I.R. Solo: Personal UV Irradiation Face Mask Sanitizer

$119.95; www.oraclelights.com
This futuristic device fits beneath any standard mask, to neutralize a range of harmful contaminants, including viruses and bacteria, by way of UV-C LED emitters. Purportedly the world’s first UVGI disinfecting mask, the patent-pending device is designed to scrub the air without subjecting the user to any UV light.

UV Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag

$79.99; www.homedics.com
Want to safely sterilize items like phones, keys, glasses, or credit cards all in one go? This sleek, portable sanitizer bag kills 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses in one minute with the use of chemical-free UV light.

IQ AIR Atem Desk

$399; www.iqair.com
This 5-in-1 system represents the cutting edge of personal air-purification systems and is designed to sleekly sit atop a desk while pumping clean air directly toward the user. A winner of multiple awards, Atem utilizes HyperHEPA filtration technology to filter particles smaller than .1 microns.