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Brothers From New Rochelle Put Together The World's Largest Gift Card Collection


“It truly turned our mall visits into something like a treasure hunt,” David said. “We probably collected about 12 cards that first day.”

Now, to show off their persistence and celebrate the sheer volume of their efforts, Aaron and David have assembled an 18-foot long mural in the basement of their family’s home. The mural—a family-assisted, several-months-long production—contains an assortment of 2,400 cards, or about 70% of their current collection.

It the collage’s middle are four cards, each reflective of their four family members’ interests: a GameStop card for David, Nike card for Aaron, Barnes & Noble for their father, and a TJ Maxx card for their mother. And, in the very center, of course, lies the initial IHOP card.“It certainly gets a lot of attention,” said David.

What’s next for the team? They admitted that their gift-card pursuit has maybe slowed down slightly since being recognized by Guinness. Regardless, the collection will remain ongoing. “After all,” David said, “we need to make sure the collection continues to grow should there be any copycats.”


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