Best Gins in 2013: Martin Miller’s Gin

Bartaco wine and spirits director Gretchen Thomas likes this London gin for being more citrus-forward than its piney counterparts.

Gretchen Thomas
Wine and Spirits Director, bartaco
Favorite Gin: Martin Miller’s Gin
Why: “London dry gins are famous for being more ‘pine-needley,’ but this one has more spice and citrus.”
Buy for Home: $35.99, 1 liter; Zachys Wine & Liquor, 16 E Parkway, Scarsdale (866) 922-4971;
Enjoy at Restaurant: Port Chester Reviver. “Our staff likes to joke that it’s like a salad in a cocktail—fruity, fresh, zippy, and nourishing. That’s how the name ‘reviver’ got in there, which is a classic moniker for a cocktail that awakens the senses. The gin adds a little extra herbaceous note to balance the sweetness of the mango and mint. It’s a great drink for non-gin drinkers, because the alcoholic flavors are in the background and don’t stand out as the main feature, like in a gin and tonic or a gin Martini.”
Drink Up: $9; 1 Willett Ave, Port Chester (914) 937-8226;


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