Behind the Scenes of North White Plains' Haunt at Rocky Ledge

Now in its seventh year,  North White Plains’ The Haunt at Rocky Ledge—which features haunted houses, a terrifying walk in the woods, and even a spirit-possessed cornfield—elicits big scares by manipulating fears of what might be lurking around the corner. As you wind through its trails, you might find yourself thinking: Do I really want to go into those dark woods? Is something going to jump out at me? Who screamed? Was that me?

We recommend bringing your friends because there’s strength in numbers against all those monsters, ghouls, and mad scientists. Or be like one solo risk-taker told us before entering the grounds: “I don’t know if I’m prepared for this. I’m a big guy, but I run fast. I’m anxious. I have butterflies. I’m ready.” Feel free to check out these behind-the-scenes snapshots below to determine whether you’re up for the treacherous trek.