Bedford Author Mark Stevens Trots out Two New Books

Take a look into Sky’s Amazing Dream and Evidence of Love.

Take a look into Sky’s Amazing Dream and Evidence of Love.


Sky’s Amazing Dream is a story for young readers that showcases fun and clever photographs of the author’s dog in a variety of superhero-tale scenes. Like many good children’s books, the story features funny references to reality, with humorous plotlines involving Hollywood and the president of the United States. A good bedtime read, especially for dog-loving kids.

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Evidence of Love, meanwhile, grips the reader with a tale of twisted family relationships and dark secrets that lurk behind the surface of beauty. Alluring but unlikable protagonist Carly draws you into the web of her world almost counterintuitively, and while the prose tends to read like a soap, it’s one you may not be able to wash your hands of.

Sky’s Amazing Dream: Amazon, 34 pp., $9.48 (pbk)
Evidence of Love: 124 pp., Amazon,  $11.99 (pbk)