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Your Dress Shirts Will Stay All Tucked in With This Innovative Solution


​Brazil native Rafael De Oliveira came to White Plains when he was 6 years old and ended up dropping out of high school at 16 to help his family. He eventually procured a job in an office that required him to wear a suit every day. Not wanting to look sloppy, he knew there had to be a better solution to keeping his shirt tucked into his pants at work than the garters, belts, and magnets that flooded the market. What all of these products lacked was simplicity. De Oliveira sewed his own prototype out of his normal boxer briefs, and the idea for Tucked Trunks was born in 2016. The concept has proven popular — the brand ships to more than 150 countries and has done $600,000 in sales in its first year of business. Tucked Trunks is based in Westchester and sells exclusively online at www.tuckedtrunks.com.


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