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What You Need to Know Before Putting in an In-Ground Pool


Giuseppe Cardillo, Principal at Regal Blu Pool and Spa, shares what you need to know before you put in a pool, and what goes into it after you make
the dive.

Q: What’s the first thing someone should do before putting in a pool?

A: “Hire a design professional — for example, a landscape architect or an architect. It [is] important not only for the design, but also for finding out building setbacks and town permit requirements or restrictions.”

Q: How much space does a pool need?

A: “Anything is possible. The standard 20-by-40-foot pool is always popular, but lately we have done smaller pools and spas [as well].”

Q: What are the best materials for a pool?

A: “Concrete and shotcrete pools are the most popular in this area.”

Q: What maintenance can a homeowner expect after putting in a pool?

A: “Annual opening, closing, and winterizing the pool, plus weekly or biweekly cleaning and service is important.”

Q: What does annual pool maintenance entail?

A: “If you are diligent with monitoring your care and chemicals, your maintenance should be minimal.”


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