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Westchester Shop Owners on Fall Tie Trends


Thank the Mad Men influence or just the need to look sharp in a still-uncertain economy—neckties are back in style. Though men loosened their collars and flung off their neckwear during the worst of the economic plunge, sales of ties were up a whopping 23 percent in the last year, says market research firm The NPD Group. So what’s new for fall tie trends?

“Certainly, ties are getting narrower. Narrow ties should be worn with more narrow suits—men shouldn’t make the mistake of wearing wide-lapel suits with skinny ties.”
—Ken Giddon, owner of Rothman’s, Scarsdale

“We’re seeing the slimmer tie, a new width in between the skinny and the y-tie. They’re also using a lot more fabrics, including cashmere and wool.”
—Lori Land, co-owner of Churchills of Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco

“Ties for fall are full of color and patterns.”
—Rick Fortuna, owner of Italy Direct Menswear, Katonah

“The trend is to wear ties narrower, about two inches, and to use more vibrant colors, including even neon colors like yellow, red, or green, against a darker background.”
—Joe Barlow, co-owner of Outerluxe, Larchmont

“The trend is to go narrower, but, for a conservative businessman, not excessively so. Also, using alternative fabrics instead of just silk or woven silk, like crochet and cashmere and other wools.”
    —Tony Mancino, owner of Mancino Custom Tailors and Clothiers, Larchmont

—With research by Amanda Tenenzapf

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