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Those Core Exercises You Do? You’re Probably Doing Them Wrong


Paula Carnabuci had been a personal trainer for more than two decades when she began to notice an across-the-board pattern among her clients: No one knew how to do core-based exercises correctly. Then, while working with a client in her Peekskill studio, inspiration hit. “When my client’s top got caught on the yoga mat’s Velcro strap, I knew that it was the way to go,” Carnabuci says. That accidental moment sparked the idea for her Kickstarter-funded product, Corectform.

Corectform is a patented exercising system composed of a wide spandex belt that wraps around the torso and a corresponding Velcro base that fits around any standard yoga mat. The two horizontal Velcro strips on the back of the belt attach the user to the base while doing crunches and other abdominal workouts. The user receives an auditory cue—that unmistakable sound of Velcro detaching—if they move their lower back or abdominal area too much.

“It’s very hard to do an exercise that demands you to be perfectly in line when you’re by yourself,” said Peekskill native Karen Marmer, who tried a prototype of the product. “With Corectform, if your form isn’t right, you know it.” 

Right now, the product is only available online, though Carnabuci intends to bring it to fitness and sporting goods stores soon. For more information, visit corectform.com.


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