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This Is the One-Stop Shop for Green Beauty Products


While many industries are pledging a commitment to sustainability and green practices, the skincare industry is not taking a back seat. After all, what we put on our skin matters. Jasmine Swann, of Dunkin Kehn in Briarcliff, has committed herself to green beauty (and educates her customers about its importance), by exclusively offering Westchesterites products that are free from animal testing, labeled clearly and honestly, and that include natural ingredients.


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Swann, opened Dunkin Kehn, named after her grandmothers, in 2017 because she had a “long, enduring passion for green beauty, natural living, diet, lifestyle and also beauty products.” The mother of two’s passion for a greener lifestyle started at the age of 12 — when she took a stance against animal testing and conventional beauty products. She says she became “the last frontier of converting to a healthier lifestyle.”

“Often, personal care is the last step that people come into when they’re sort of greening their lifestyles. I find it to be one of the most important things because it is something that you integrate into your daily habits. It’s those things that you do regularly. When you change them, that have the greatest impact.”


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Dunkin Kehn offer skincare and makeup lines “that incorporate the best technology in green ingredients. Products that are too advanced for us to concoct at home.”

Swann handpicks all products, working only with companies that are “making really good choices for the planet and for people in terms of labor and how ingredients are sourced.” She does not stock products with ingredients that are known to be irritants. Stocked brands include ecobrow, Indie Lee, Mad Hippie, and Osmia.


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“When you come into our shop, you have a completely hand-held approach. There’s no pressure to buy,” says Swann. “We are really focused on education and helping people understand why they want to change to green beauty if it’s new to them.” Products include facial cleansing oils made with natural, organic ingredients; clay soap; and mind and body gel.

The shop also offers an array of services, like facials, microtherapy, and dermaplaning. Customers can choose from any of the products on the shelves to incorporate into their facials.

Popular services include the Resurfacing Facial, which incorporates dermaplaning and a mask from KNESKO Skin; and the Collagen Renewal Facial, which incorporates LED light therapy and a KNESKO Skin mask. Infused with gemstones and ray heat energy, Swann says KNESKO masks are “super-healing for great results.”


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“People shouldn’t be afraid of changing to green beauty,” says Swann. “No matter where you are, there’s a green beauty solution that’s right for you.”


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