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The Sassy T-Shirt Line That Speaks to Westchester Women


Clothing designer and New Rochelle resident Nora Neiterman(pictured below) was shopping for T-shirts one day when she had a thought common to many Westchester moms: “I was unable to find one that matched my mood, which at the time was exhausted and stressed out.” She was also searching for the perfect-fitting chic tee, one that was “cut at just the right spots for my no-longer-30-year-old self,” says Neiterman.

Having worked as a designer and producer in the fashion industry for two decades, she set out to create a brand that would utilize her knowledge and experience while offering a unique point of view: Unsweetened New York.

Her entire tank-top and T-shirt line is made in the U.S. and speaks to what goes on inside a woman’s head. She says, “The DNA of Unsweetened New York is truth and authenticity paired with edge, fit, style, quality, detail, design, and most importantly, badass females rocking our brand.”

With fresh, fun designs (T-shirts and tanks are emblazoned with phrases like “Superstar,” “Hustle,” “Whatever,” “Living the Dream,” and “Protect & Love”) priced at $95 to $110, Unsweetened New York has caught the eye of many female-owned boutiques around the county and is currently available at LOLA New York in Tuckahoe and White Plains, and I Am More in Scarsdale.