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Ready, Set, Strut!


Sometimes I get product pitches that are so ridiculous, I just have to laugh before I hit the delete key. But this one is so sublimely silly that I’ll share, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty:

“Rumor has it that even the Victoria’s Secret Angels need layers of makeup applied to their posteriors in order to make them runway-ready, and while the average girl may not have her own makeup artist, she does have Unmentionable’s Butt Lift In A Box, the best way to beautify your butt. This three-part system reduces the appearance of cellulite and makes skin look smooth, tight, and “lifted.” Complete with Plumping Catalyst to plump, Lifting & Firming Emulsion to lift, and a step-by-step workout regime to tone, Unmentionable’s Butt Lift In A Box creates killer curves that even supermodels will lust after.”

Why do I think that the workout regimen works better than the plumping catalyst? Save the $99 and head to the gym!


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