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Ladies: Start Your Mascara Wands


This idea is either brilliant or really nutty: a vibrating mascara wand. When you twist the cap off, the brush pulses at 125 cycles per second, supposedly to saturate lashes evenly from base to tip…or put your eye out. Are these things even safe?

I asked one of my favorite makeup artists, Rosemarie Pomilla of N.Y. Prostyle (385 Ashford Ave, Dobbs Ferry, 914-478-2684), what she thought of this wild new tool while she was gussying me up for a recent photo shoot. She eyed the device warily, revved it up…then judiciously opted for the old-fashioned wand. Good call Rosemarie. (My ophthalmologist thanks you too!)

Estée Lauder TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara $32

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