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Keep Your Skin Sacred With These Toxin-Free, Locally Handmade Products


Jennifer Perry with some of her Sacred Seeds products.


After more than 20 years of experience making organic products and learning about skincare regimens, Jennifer Perry launched Yonkers-based Sacred Seeds (www.sacredseeds4u.com), in May of 2018. “Many products I tried on the market were not working for me,” says Perry. “When I started reading ingredients, I saw they were full of so many harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, it made it clear why [I was not getting the results I wanted].”

Sacred Seeds offers products like herbal-bath-tea blends, spa scrubs, bath soaps, and whipped body butter. All of the products are toxin-free and vegan friendly (excluding those infused with honey from Puerto Rico).

Perry, who has traveled to more than 25 countries, incorporates local and global ingredients in her products, to offer her customers an “international delicacy in a jar.” She travels to gather ingredients to handmake her products — to Mexico for her vanilla coffee scrub, the Bahamas for sea salt and coconut oil, and India for rose essential oil.

Some of her favorite products to use are honey and lemongrass — honey for its nourishing properties and lemongrass for minimizing pores and giving skin an even glow. Some favorite products include the lemongrass body butter (infused with Ethiopian oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E, and aromatic dried herbs) and the lemongrass-and-apricot-seed body soap — a mixture of mango butter, shea butter, essential oils, and the option of lavender.

By the end of the year, Perry plans to expand into e-commerce and market her skincare line to spas and specialty stores. Sacred Candles and Sacred Beauty Boxes will also be introduced.