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KAHLO Collective Is a Must for Conscientious Shopping in Pound Ridge

The apothecary at KAHLO Collective in Pound Ridge | Photo by Tami Mccarthy

Make a plan to visit KAHLO Collective — an apothecary, pop-up destination, and upscale boutique in the heart of Pound Ridge.

In Pound Ridge, KAHLO Collective (65 Westchester Ave) has been a unique and stylish fixture for four years. “When I came here, there was really nothing that served the eco-conscious lifestyle under one roof,” says owner Tami McCarthy. In the attractive boutique, eco-friendly offerings of slow fashion, home decor, wellness products, and accessories abound — globally and domestically sourced. Think handwoven nesting baskets made of palm leaves and sustainable dyes crafted by women in Marrakech, art-inspired apparel from a Pound Ridge designer, and McCarthy’s own natural skincare line, TAMBRA, displayed in the store’s apothecary, in her curated collection (which includes other brands). A nod to the inspiring nature of artist Frida Kahlo, the boutique’s clean aesthetic boasts an upscale yet grounding vibe. Throughout the pandemic, McCarthy evolved her business to bring the area together safely, so the space has served as a destination for community-bonding events and workshops throughout the year. Pop-up events for all ages (sip-and-paint classes for the adults and toddler music classes) are popular. The 1,000-square-foot interior is complemented by a grassy garden outside, where she sometimes offers live music. This year, McCarthy debuted the concept of “bringing KAHLO to the people,” by hosting gatherings at other locations, like Bedford Playhouse.

Tami McCarthy

Owner Tami McCarthy in her boutique, which serves as a pop-up destination in addition to being a hotspot for slow fashion, wellness products, home decor, and accessories. | Photo by Rhonda Spevak

KAHLO Collective in Pound Ridge

The apothecary at KAHLO Collective in Pound Ridge | Photo by Tami Mccarthy

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