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How to Get a Great Haircut


Should I bring a photo of the style I want? “Absolutely,” says Kinnally, though she admits that “most guys don’t think to bring a photo.” Gilberti is even more blunt: “No one comes in with pictures,” he says. But not to worry: Both stylists say they can guide you in the right direction without a picture. 

What should I say first? “Let your stylist know what your concerns are,” says Kinnally. “And make sure to discuss shape and style for sideburns and neckline.” Gilberti agrees and adds that he asks his clients questions like: “Do you like the sideburns where they are, or do you want to raise them? How do you part and comb your hair? Are you looking for a casual or business look?”

Should I mention health or lifestyle issues? “Definitely,” says Kinnally. “Is your hair thinning? Do you swim in chlorinated pools often?” Gilberti says you should also tell your barber or stylist about dermatologic issues, allergies, or sensitivities.

Should I shampoo before the cut? “It’s all about personal preference,” says Gilberti, who likes to work on dry hair. Kinnally says she washes clients’ hair before the cut and rinses afterward, so there’s no need to shampoo first.