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How to Achieve the Frayed Jean Look


1. Start with a straight-leg jean; this is not meant for your inner hippie. 

2. Wash and iron them, so you are starting with an accurate length. 

3. Try them on and have a friend place a pin on the point in which you’d like your jeans to hit. Just above the anklebone is the perfect length for this style. 

4. Take them off and draw a straight chalk line  where the pin is placed.  

5. Using sharp fabric scissors, cut the chalk line to create a raw edge. 

6.  Gently pull on the vertically running threads at the bottom of your jeans with tweezers until you reach your desired level of fraying. 

7. The jeans will continue to fray as you wash and wear them. If you want to keep them as is, throw them on your sewing machine and run a stich just along the top of the fray. 

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