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Here’s Why You Need to Visit the White Plains Gucci, A$AP Rocky


Give us a dollar every time a rapper mentions “Gucci flip flops,” and we’d march that money right to the newly-renovated Gucci store at The Westchester to buy ourselves a fresh pair (or two). The rejuvenated White Plains location joins the list of stores at the mall which have undergone renovations this past year (The Apple Store, Tiffany & Co., and lululemon athletica are just a few).

The major fashion house, originally on the mall’s first floor, is now located on the second level near Nordstrom, and is embellished with the dignified and luxurious design that characterize the brand’s signature creations.

The new space gleams with a cool marble façade, complete with metallic accents that complement the chic, sleek interior. Soft and hard elements contrast throughout the shop: clean herringbone wood flooring lay the groundwork, while lavishly upholstered furniture sits atop vintage Oriental rugs that boast complex textures. Steel blue and sage green velvets adorn display shelves and fitting rooms, elegantly juxtaposed against industrial iron-wall finishes.

Gucci’s vintage-inspired red leather shoulder bag

Iconic garb and accessories blend in perfectly with the sophisticated décor, appearing to be part of a display, rather than the merchandise for purchase. And while walking into the 3,000 sq ft shop is an experience within itself, if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or another, peruse the new fall/winter collection, which features simplistic, vintage-inspired shoulder bags, tote bags, and platform pumps.

Think Gucci Gang, but pinky up.