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Here's How to Put Together Your Own Beautiful Spring Bouquet



“What makes this arrangement ‘spring’  to life is that although it has structure and organization, it is still whimsical, as if the flowers are arranged in a natural growing state,” says Brenda Lamanna of Damselfly Designs. “The colors were chosen as if in natural order of how they would bloom in spring: whites/greens (Hellebores), yellows, and purples found in our first blooming bulbs of Crocus, Daffodils, and Tulips.



Amazing London Clematis
Helleborus Winter Bells
Lisianthus Piccolo Violet
Lilac (Syringa Koster)
Viburnum Rosen
Double Tulip Homerun
Moody Blue Roses
Mondial Roses
Brighton Roses



1. Starts with a 6×6 vessel, we use a square glass vase.

2. Cut a brick of Oasis foam into 1/3 sections, then soak.

3. Place a 1/3 section on the bottom of the vessel and stack the remaining 2/3 sections on top (so the Oasis extends over the vessel). Tape to secure.

4. Insert your roses (largest flowers first) to create your rounded base shape.

5. Add remaining flowers to full in between the roses, have fun by having the remaining flowers “in and out” of the roses to ceate dimension.