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Health Author Kevin W. Reese's Tips For Successful Detoxing


We’ve all been there. With so much good food over the holidays, it’s easy to hit January feeling like you just maybe ate a little bit too much. If you do, then detoxing can help you get rid of those pounds—but how to do it right?

Before becoming a health professional, Kevin W. Reese was unhealthy. He sat at a desk all day being an on-air personality at CBS Radio where he interviewed celebrities, hosted concerts, and was known as a “shock jock.” As a smoker with a severe food addiction, being healthy was far from his mind. But after he found himself on heart monitors at the age of 28, he realized it was time to change. Reese took control and transformed himself with a formula he created called “Three D Life.” (The three Ds are diet, de-stress, and detox.)

Reese lost a shocking eighty pounds, quit smoking, and reversed his chronic health issues. Through this reinvention of himself, Reese became passionate about natural health. He retired from radio to launch his own company, Eat the Sunlight, in 2012.

With the creation of his Méli-Mélo One-, Two-, or 3 Day Cleanse, available at Méli-Mélo in Greenwich, Reese learned some tips for how to detox. Keep them in mind when you are going through the detox process.

Chug a 16 oz glass of water if you get hungry

“If leaning on your meditation and religious practices isn’t enough to ease your mind,” says Reese, “chug [a sixteen-ounce glass] of spring water. This will give your mind the satiation it’s looking for while also contributing to the cleanse by purifying the colon, moving lymph, and detoxing the skin.”

Be prepared for an energy boost

“Many people think they will have low energy during a juice feast, but the opposite is usually the case,” he says. “When the body is relieved of the task of digesting solid food and given easily absorbent juices instead, an increase in mental and physical energy results. The feeling one gets during a juice fast is exhilarating. People can even go to work during a juice fast, since it supplies all the calories to keep one’s energy up. In fact, most people become more productive during the cleanse.”

Pick up your meditation or religious practices

“During a cleanse, your mind will go through challenges and thoughts you’ve never had before,” he says. “You’ve probably never been hungry before—you thought you were, but it was just your mind tricking you. I advise clients to work through it and lean on their meditation and religious practices.”

Reese is a graduate from Eastern CT State University, the International School of Detoxification, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is currently enrolled at the University of Natural Health working towards his Ph.D. His title on his certificate is “drugless health practitioner.” He recently released the book Diet, De-Stress, Detox: The Formula to Reclaiming Your Health & Vitality.


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